Saturday, 11 May 2013

Best Wishes

 Hi bloggers!  This card is unique to me for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, I can actually recall the last time I made a card with this shade of hot pink.  It was the very first set of shows I did to launch the Grand Calibur which was Dec. 2010!  So when I say, I don't use it often, I mean it, but I had this card in my head and I only saw it in black, white and hot pink with a touch of silver so it just had to be made! LOL  I also cannot see this card without recalling a particular incident relating to it.  Julia and I were asked to do a POTW with the new D-Lites that was rather last minute.  In fact, we didn't even have all the dies and only about a week to make all new samples for the shows.  This Love Locket die was the last to be sent and it arrived in the post to me the day before the shows started!  I recall this morning vividly as the postman needed me to sign for the parcel around 8am.  I was still putting my face on in fact (poor guy!).  I accepted the delivery and went back upstairs to finish my make up before starting in on the samples with it.  I could not find the die anywhere when I was ready to get started!  I had just opened the package to look at it and set it aside and it was gone, poof!  I spent about three hours looking, no searching, for it.   I had bald spots from pulling my hair out I was so frantic!  Yes, went through the rubbish bin (3x's in fact!).  I decided to work on something else and thought it would turn up along the way.  About an hour in, I was mentally going over the places it could have been when I hit on something and sure enough, I checked and there was the die.... in my make up bag!  I had gathered it up with my powder, mascara and lipstick and flung it in the bag!  Felt pretty ridiculous, I might add!  I ended up making a couple of samples that day with it and this was one of them.  I started by watermarking the background of my hot pink card using one of the Beaded Element stamps and a Clear Perfect Medium pad.  I stamped it randomly around the edges for interest.  Next I cut the Elegant Labels Four out of the middle so I would have an aperture.  I cleaned my die and used it again for the same shape but this time in black and I used the heart from the Vines of Passion D-Lite in the centre of it.  I stamped my sentiment on coconut white card and glued the black die cut so it was centred over it showing my sentiment through the heart.  I added 3D mounting foam to my pink aperture and added it in alignment so the die cut appeared to be sunken.  I made three small ribbon flowers by melting small pieces of the black silky crush ribbon and adding flatback pearls to them before adding them in the upper corner of my heart.  I cut the (now found) Love Locket die set in silver and added it to the bottom of my aperture.  I matted the card with a white and silver mat before adding my double black mat with the pierced inner layer to complete my card.  I must say I was chuffed with the results even if the process did included a bit of a wild goose hunt!  Finished dimensions are 6 1/2" x 8 1/2" in size.  All for now, Sue x


Pam said...

Bright sassy and great for a younger lady. The black and white heart looks to me like a tuxedo

Corinne said...

Morning Ooo how very Oppulant!!!me thinks engagement valentine very lovey sort of card love it Hugs Corinne

Patricia said...

Good Morning Sue, Fantastically Bright, I love it.
A great card to wake up to on a horrible rainy morning.
Oh! Yes! I can relate to putting things in funny it all the time. As long as you find them, then no problem.
Have a wonderful weekend

Patricia xxx

Unknown said...

Mmmm! Reminds me of shocking pink and navy that was so popular in the sixties and that would work too. Great card Sue!
Crafty Hugs
Heather Rogers xx

Unknown said...

Hi Sue, really out of your comfort zone, great to use different colours. Great card and I can relate to loosing a die, happened to me a couple of times.

Wilma x x

Dolly Daydream said...

Morning Sue
Love the use of the bright pink with the black, very striking card. I have spent hours looking for things and had the rubbish out all over the floor in frustration. I have been known to throw out endless things. I have learnt now that if I walk away and do something else, it will come back to me where I have hidden what I am looking for - not always though and some things have been lost forever- Hugs Dawn S. xxx

Unknown said...

Good morning Sue,
This is a different card for you, hot pink hmmm, but I do like the combination a very smart card for today. I am in Cleethorpes and it is a sunny day here.

baconbits said...

Morning Sue,
Well this pink pops off the page - I love it a brilliant splash of colour and teamed with the black very classy.
Amanda x

maxine said...

Lovely card, I love the lock and key x

jean.phillips1 said...

Morning Sue, great card and I know that feeling only too well of putting something down then not being able to find it again, it s so annoying especially when it is usually under my nose! Love those dies which I have of course!

Love Jean xxx

Lara B said...

Good morning Sue
Stunning colour combo, great card.
Poor you! I'm sure there are many of us who have had similar experiences!
Great dies, worth a little frustration for a lovely end product!
Have a great day
Lara xxx

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sue
That made me smile when I read about your missing die I 'lost' a die and looked everywhere for it. It was a letter T and very small, I couldn't find it so gave up. A week later I was doing some embossing and there it was stuck to the rubber mat lol. I love the colour pink you've used it is so pretty in fact I love everything about today's card.
Hugs x
Heather T

Mrs B said...

Hi Sue. A great card, the hot pink shows the elements off really well. It is so infuriating when we misplace things isn't it! I have done it myself on many occasions, the best one was putting the iron (cold, luckily!) in the fridge and a milk bottle(yes,I am showing my age)in the cupboard where the iron lived! The silly thing about that is I must have rearranged stuff in the fridge to get the iron to fit in!!! Take care.

cuilliesocks said...

Fabulous card Sue, lovely colours together and theheheart die is gorgeous. I miss lay things all the time too, as long as you find them again, Kate x

JAO said...

Love the colours black and pink, great card Sue.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, missed you since Wednesday, no broadband so now on catch up - treble the pleasure!!
Love all cards, particularly Friday's - very stylish in design and colour.
Mislay things? ALL THE TIME, some never to be found again"!! How can something just disappear in a microsecond? So spooky.

'P' in Wales

tracy w said...

Hi sue
Stunning card love the colours yes I think we all over the years have lost craft things I lost my gate die had my craft room up side down trying to find it but no sign of it so I ordered another one and you know what I find it in the wash basket the next day thank you Tracy w x

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sue,
Just had a good giggle reading the post and the comments, good to know it is not just me that loses things, hee hee. Todays card is lovely, not a pink person, but I love all shades of pink in cards. This one is so vivid, love it, like the sentiment font.
Have a lovely day.

Unknown said...

I really love the bright off the wall colours at times. Make such a striking card. Love them

Keep up the good work Sue

Luv n hugs

Beth xx

sonja_w said...

My favourite card this week. I love e colour combo and the hot pink is perfect. Very beautiful card and reconfirms that I "must" get elegant labels 4 . I spent about 2 hours looking for one of my dies the other day only to find it was right in front of me.... Have a fab day x

TDQ Karen said...

Love the colours, they go so well. What a great story, just the sort of thing I would do xxx

Anonymous said...

GM Sue - very trendy and funky card today - love the background stamping - must try that. I am pretty good at finding things - everything has a place etc.. but sometimes I move things to put them in 'safe' places - and then I cant find the safe places and I turn the house upside down to find something! It so safe a place that even I cant find it! sooooo annoying - a friend suggested I should keep a safe places book - this is a good idea me thinks.
Clare W

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue This card certainly woke me up! I love the shocking pink colour and thought the love locket is a wonderful die. Take Care Love Michelle S xxx

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
love the card, there is only one colour to go with hot pink - yep, it's black!
I felt for you when I read your story behind this card - it's something I would do as well!
Found some keys in the fridge once - don't ask!
Hugs, Rose

Christine Harrop said...

The number of times I have misplaced something and then found it somewhere ridiculous!! Great card anyway. Christine x

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Lovin the card I like the Hot Pink with black and white.

Your story did make me smile I remember my Dear Mum years ago putting the empty milk bottles out onto the step for the milk man to collect when delivering early the next day only she put her glass of water onto the step and the empty glass milk bottle on her bedside table he he :-) we all do daft things

Hugs Annx without an "e"

Anonymous said...

Oh Sue thank you for sharing your moment with us - it has certainly started my day off right!! How often does this sort of thing happen to me so it's great to know you have done this, although I can understand the pressure you were under. Great card though and love the striking colours. Have a lovely weekend YvonneMayxx

Jackie T said...

Hi Sue I love this card it could easily be adapted to a wedding card with different colours, not that I don't like hot pink. Your story made me smile I have often tucked things away somewhere strange. At the moment I can't find something I bought on holiday for my mum's birthday. Love Jackie

Fieldsend said...

Morning Sue, love this card and the colours are fantastic. Losing your die, don't feel stupid because I know that I have done that and it has been under my nose - hehe!! I am sure many of us have anyway. Have a great day.

Love June

Rachel Taylor said...

A lovely bright card this morning ,its not one i would imagine you making . I love that pink !
Crafty hugs Rachel x

Jan.moogie said...

"Hot" card today Sue x

kimberley said...

I remember you showing this card on c&c and thought it was lovely then and still do.You should use hot pink more often.Feeling nervous/excited today as myself and two friends are opening up a small hand made craft shop today for the summer so keep your fingers crossed for us.It would have been nice if the sun had been shining but we can't have everything,take care,x.

Ecco of Sheffield said...

morning Sue
So pleased to know that others misplace objects and find them in the funniest of places - it gives me a reall boost.I am forever doing this.
I love the format for today's gift but am not a fan of the backing colour - it's a little too hot for me - so will try it out with perhaps teal or deep red!
Decorating all finished now so back to crafting!!
Janet x

Marianna Hammer said...

A lovely card. And I like it when there is a story with the card. How strange that you can mislay things, you are always to organized and together. Seems you're human, just like me, hehe :)

lydia jordan said...

Hi Sue,
Your story of the missing die made me smile I can imagine you searching the house, I think we all do silly things like this.
Love your hot pink card, more dies I need, there's always something.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, Wow, this is an Ooh La La card for me, hot pink goes really well with black and white. Love these dies.
I can certainly sympathise with the losing theme, I do it regularly, I end up having to re-trace my steps and it usually comes back to me, but my memory is terrible. I hate to lose something, I would rather give it away ha ha.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

yorkielass said...

Hello Sue, A bright card today love it. Your story and the comments made me smile, I too have lost dies then they mysteriously reappear in a couple of days time, spooky!! Best one was my passport, won't go into that now.
Have a lovely weekend with your Mom.
Hugs June xxx

Donna Jones said...

Hi Sue,
Great story, I lose so many things on my desk I put them down and whoosh they disappear :-)
Great colours and design.
Donna Jones

alimecca said...

Hi Sue
Love your story - I'm pleased it's not just me that does silly things! Like Ecco of Sheffield said, I like the layout but not the pink I'm afraid. It is too vivid for me - sorry.

beachie said...

Hi Sue
Great colourful card. I am glad I am not the only one who loses things. I can spend days searching only to find it right under my nose. I like the stamped background on this one.
Audrey x

Hellma said...

Looks well worth the 3hr wait.

Marion said...

Hi Sue great story been there myself.
i like the simplicity of the card but not sure about the pink.
Marion H

melanie said...

Stunning card love the hot pink .Melanie

nuttinanni said...

bright card for teenagers, in tweo minds about it for anyone older, but love the shocking pink. cherylx

Nanny Jo said...

I love the card, Sue...and the story behind it! SOOOO glad it's not just me who loses things like

Nanny Jo said...

I love the card, Sue...and the story behind it! SOOOO glad it's not just me who loses things like

Clare Powell said...

Gorgeous card, love the black and pink. Glad you managed to find the die in the end, I hate the panic when you lose something like that.

Clare x

marg said...

Good Morning Sue!
Just looked back to 2011, and some days you had less than 50 comments!
What a difference to now!
I too have lost the Die that has just been delivered...then found it in the 'fridge..... WHY?
I didn't even need to go there!
Anyway, love today's card Sue!

Carol H said...

Love the lock and key but this one is a little too bright for me.

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
Love the card and colours I know of a few girlies that would love this colour.
I had a hunt on for the tax disc for our car and it was exactly where I had left it but took me 2 days to find it as it had caught up in an envelope flap and each time I checked I missed it, but I went well and is now in the car, I think next time I will put it straight into the car.
Happy crafting
Love Tina x

Sonia Jones said...

Morning Sue great card love the colours too. I really like the heart and key die! Must check if I have them. If not then I need them! Have a great day hugs Sonia x

Unknown said...

Morning Sud what a great card i love it. And ghe colours is great it would make a great engagement or wedding card. And i love the story it made me smile. Take care Sue xx

Debs A

Carol S. said...

Hi Sue, Love pink and black, very hot! I have Craft Fairies in my craft room. They are always moving things around from where I put them down!! Hugs, Carol S.xx

Unknown said...

Love the card. Great choice of colour.
Michelle x.

Sandybee said...

I just love the locket die and this is a great card Sue

xx Sandra

Unknown said...

Love that hot pink, very girly. Another great card

hugs n stuff
Carol B

BridgetCG said...

Hi Sue, love absolutely everything about this card. Your creative ideas are amazing. Bx

Christine Hussey said...

How we panic when our dies go missing, thankfully so far they have always turned up. Hot pink and a hot card! Hugs Christine H xx

MRS DUCK said...

Good morning Sue and everyone. Lovely card and I agree that it has the air of a Valentine about it.
My usual mislaying issue is my clear stamps. They seem to stick themselves to anything.
Have to say Im impressed that you are putting on full make up at 8am for a day of card making! If Im in for the day making cards,you're lucky to get me out of my Jimjams!

hotpotato said...

Love the colours very dramatic

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Sue. I did giggle at your post you described it so well....I am always putting things down and then having to retract my movements to find them or I have safe places which I forget about. Once hid the tv remote as we were going on holiday (the idea thinking if we got burgled the tv is no good without the remote). Took 4 years before I found it....

Love today's card and the pink works beautifully. The heart in the centre on the labels reminds me of a tuxedo

Sue xxx

hollyberry said...

Like the card and the bright pink is wonderfully cheerful.
Got to say though I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story that went along with the card.It made me laugh-starting the day well and reminding me of myself spending ages trying to find something that I had in my hand only a moment ago-very frustrating!

Victoria said...

I love the story of the missing die because it's happened to me a few times! Striking card, and I really love the small flowers made by melting the ribbon. Cool!

Unknown said...

My fave colours to put togethter, black, white and pink

Lovely xxx

Carol Clarke said...

Morning Sue
Great card, love the colours.
What a lovely story, I do the same thing, I thought I had lost the middle circle die, emptied the bin, also emptied a bag of rubbish in my craft room, and then got the dies off my metal sheet and there it was under one of the others
have a good weekend
Hugs Carol x

barbiepinkfairy said...

love the card, love the story about the die!!!

Maryann Laursen said...

Ha ha ha ha you really made me laugh here with your funny story about the missing die. Oh how often haven´t we all done that, and it´s really crazy, what odd places things some times shows up afterwards then ha ha ha ha.
But I´m sure glad to hear, that it´s not just me, who does such things he he. But good you finally found it, and could make this gorgeous card here. I really like this, even I must admit, I would have picked another color for the pink thoug, but that´s just my taste ofcause, but the card itself is really awesome.

granny sue said...

Hi Sue. Love the card and love the pink, matches my new handbag. Getting worried though as everyone keeps saying its good for youngsters and I'm not in that category. But I still love the pink and my bag. SueL

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine

Another lovely card today ,just the thing for the teenagers i think.

Elaine H X

EmmaT said...

Morning Sue, bright and cheerful card, colours are gorgeous. Emma

nannapat said...

Lovely card Sue - especially for teenage girls I think. Love your story about the new die - I do stupid things like that all the time. Pat x

Carole Z said...

Oh Wow Sue, was it really that long ago? That's when I bought my GC!!! It doesn't see so far back...see you had me hooked from the word 'go' :) Fab card, love the colours! Carole Z X

Sheila - Ginger said...

Morning Sue,
Oh wow! Hot pin! Hot card! Love it!
Loved your story about the missing die Lol!I can't tell you how many times I've put things down only to find it missing one minute late, then it turns up in the most ridiculous place!

Love Sheila xx

Anonymous said...

Belinda Raven said...

Hi Sue, I adore this card - the hot pink, black, white, stunning! I watched you back in Dec 2010 launching the GC - great shows! I was very fortunate that a friend from Denver brought me over a GC in 2010 (I had been using the Spellbinders Wizard until then) so I was a very happy bunny! Can identify with your frustration at losing the dies - I find myself searching for things that are not in their usual place!!!

Hugs, Belinda. X

Ali B said...

Hi Sue,
Wow The colours are very elegant and make a bright and stunning card. Its simple and not fussy esp with just the one big hit of colour!
Alison x

Unknown said...

I can just imagine the panic setting in with the lost die. Love today's post really made me smile. Love the card too colours go together beautifully.
Hugs Sue x

Glenharon said...

Good morning Sue,
Well this a super vampy card just right for our friends that are seductive i think. That pink certainly makes it pop big time. Miserable day up here in central Scotland as well, so nice to have something to brighten up the day.
Hope you and mum are good
Take care
Love and crafty hugs

loftylass said...

It's beautiful Sue with such a tale to tell - haven't we all done something similar?? tfs
Heather W

Jean Z said...

Love the card and all the colors so beautiful love Jean Z xx

Carol H said...

Hi Sue,
Loving the card. I use hot pink and black a lot, it always looks stunning especially if you use mirror card, although I know your not a fan of mirror card, but it makes it really stand out. Have a lovely weekend.
Crafty Hugs Carol Healy

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
I love the use of colours, they really pop, great card. I know how you feel, I have different done something similar myself, but that's me all over lol.
Love Jan x x

Lynn (delphinoid) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lynn (delphinoid) said...

Beautiful Bright Card Sue!

I love the black, white and hot pink together.

As for your lost die, well I've done those types of searches before and it's amazing that these things end up in places we don't think of.. I've had a die in amongst my rubber stamps, which is not too bad a place, but a glue pen in my makeup bag, now that could've been worrying, lol. So I understand completely what you were going through at the time

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Happy Crafting!!! :) X X

Unknown said...

Lol, that sounds just like the sort of thing that I do! I'm still missing one of the dies from your vintage lace set, never thought to check my makeup bag :-) fab card Sue! Maddy x

nancyd said...

Morning Sue, a great card not a lover of hot pink
but it does look good on this die,
Ican imagine you searching for the
die I have the Bella Rose die set
I use it mainly for the swirl but
I was at a show in Edinburgh and they
had the stamp set so I decided to
buy it but when I went to use it on
a card the rose die is missing I have
the rest of them but not the largest
one I have hunted as I do have them all on mag. sheets but I have so many
dies I had them in two A4 plastic
containers but they were overfull
so I don't know what has happened to
it I still check different parts of my
desk but I'm sure it will show up
sometime not in my makeup bag I don't
Nancyd xx

Kate's Cards said...

Very Striking! x

Pat S Witney said...

hi Sue

Love the colour combination of these beautiful card. I'm always loosing things Sue,especially stamps. I bought 6 stamps at Farnborough this year. Could I find them in my stamp box, no. I spent a whole day in my craft room looking for them. I found them the next day in a box I had put a load of die cutting can also put something down, it can be right under your nose and you still can't see it.

Unknown said...

So beautiful and romantic!
Love the heart lock and the key :)

lainey said...

lurrrrve the hot pink Sue!! lainey X

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Just love love love this colour combination. I'm so glad you shared you're story I don't feel so bad now about the day I sprayed deodorant on my hair and hairspray under my arms-I knew something didn't feel quite right but it took me a while to realise what I'd done.
Beverley W

Jess Watson said...

Morning Sue, pink and black work so well together, I think all crafters can relate to you misplacing dies, it happens all the time, you put it down put something else on top then think 'where is it?' take care, Jess x

Gail said...

luv this card (and the story behind it) I also like the flowers made from scraps of ribbon - I still have to try this but will defo give it a go xx GailT xx

hazel young said...

Stunning card Sue love everything about it especially the pink xx Hazel

Unknown said...

Very striking card.Can relate to loosing dies do it all the time.
Helen Bx

Joanne K said...

Good Morning Sue, hope you are well. I absolutely love today's card. It is just stunning. Loved the story that went with it. It's funny how we lose things accidentally and then suddenly they turn up. Glad you found it. Hope you are still having a great time at your Mum's. Kind regards Joanne K x

Frances Trainor said...

Yet another beautiful card!! My inspiration for which die to buy next - this is definately the one :)

darcydaydream said...

I too put things down and then can't find them until hours later!! Great card. Have a lovely day..
Christine in Darcy...xx

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, another beautiful card. Thank you for all the inspirational ideas on using our dies.

Unknown said...

Good Morning Sue,love the story of the Die,it is so so frustrating ,and the time it takes up searching,but you found it in the end.
Love the card the pink is lush

Crafty Nanna said...

Morning Sue, very vibrant card, I love it, I had to giggle about the dies though, it's the sort of thing I get up too!!

Have a great day xx

Leanne said...

A great color combo & lock & key die.

fame01 said...

well its my bday today so i am if you dont mind pretending this card is for me lol.. i got my prize this morning thankyou it was an extra birthday prezzie for me lol.. thanks again sue .. and thanks for emailing me back .. hugs sarah ..xx

fame01 said...

forgot to put that i love the card stunning..xx

Unknown said...

Love it and love the story so like me, I do that all the time, it's such a pain at the time, but at least you can always look back and laugh about it, its when you can not find it, finish the card, and as you are putting all your bits away there it is staring you in the face.. thats the annoying one!

Tina said...

Hi Sue

Love the card today very vibrant ideal for a girl, Love the pink. I think you were very brave going to the door to sign for your parcel whilst in the process of doing your face.
I remember going to the door one morning to get the post (before doing makeup) and my husband said he'd get the post as he would'nt want to scare the postman away. LOL I think ?. I am very good at looking after my dies, but sometimes I wish I could misslay the other half. :-)

Kind regards

Tina X

Phi said...

Very romantic looking card. I adore the Love Locket die set.

Cazann49 said...

Hi Sue, What a beautiful card! I love the colour combination and all the dies. You are an inspiration! I don't know how you do it every day! I love your blog. Thanks for sharing your beautiful cards with us. I can honestly say I've never disliked any of them. They are all unique in their own way! Have a great weekend xxx

Lynda's craft's said...

Hi Sue love this card the colours are very dramatic and would make a lovely anniversary card the dies look beautiful when cut .Like you Sue I have lost the small die from the Aster flower set but no luck in finding it though I keep all my dies on magnetic sheets in folders so just hoping it will show up sometime.
I love your Blog it's the best :0)))
Hugs Lynda xx

Pauline A said...

Hi Sue, Thanks for the funny story about losing your die. At least you found yours, I'm still looking for one of my flourishes which went missing last year. Hopefully it will turn up when I eventually find my 'safe place' along with hundreds of other missing items too. Another eye catching card today. The pink really draws the eye and the lock and key look great replacing the ribbon bow. Hugs, Pauline A xx

Anonymous said...

Love the colours.......... and the story!
Susan x

Joanne2403 said...

Love it although it kinda puts me in mind of a "sexy" type card, its those colours ..... hehe

Great card though and I now have my Elegant 4 labels die woohoo.... going to play lol

tfs xx

Disco Queen said...

Wow! Super card. I need the love locket die for my collection.

Unknown said...

Love it, gorgeous,
Diane from Glasgow

Howdy said...

Golly, sue. Know how you feel.
Purse in the fridge - try explaining that to the credit card company when you think someone has stolen your purse!
Love the card, though. said...

Oh Sue - your story really made me laugh! I'm constantly putting things in the wrong place - I call these menopause (as opposed to senior) moments!!! Last week I put back the almost full tub of ice-cream in the fridge - not so good as cold soup...

Love the card too, by the way - agree with Pam, it looks a bit like a tuxedo and would make a lovely prom card.

Thanks, Susan

Julie Bee said...

Hi Sue

Wow love the hot pink and black combo.

Best Wishes

Julie Bee

Marleine said...

Hi Sue,

Pretty card. Love the colour.

Enjoyed the story. Sounds like a normal event for me. X

nzillingworth said...


Sue B said...

Sounds like you may be having early senior moments, I have them all the time. Love this colour combo, always reminds me of very girlie & Paris, I don't know why tho'.

englishrose897 said...

Hi Sue I like this card, would make a great wedding card. I have lots of moments were I lose thing. There must be
some club we could all join lol.

Jane said...

Very girly and feminine really like hot pink.

Jane xx

Unknown said...

Lovely card Sue, love the black and hot pink together.

Annie said...

Hi Sue. How I laughed at your "lost" die. Sometimes I think There are leprechauns aroundd because one second it is there and the next it's gone! So glad to know it's not only me! I have also gone thru my bin several times over searching - we have to laugh!! The card is lovely, several things waiting patiently,on my Wish List...
Have a great weekend
Annie xx

magpie said...

Awww Sue, I can relate to how you felt after losing the dies that you'd only just signed for. Not surprised you were tearing your hair out! Hopefully now you look back on it as a funny time in your life even if you were in a panic at the time! At least there is one thing you can be sure of, you will never forget it! Thank you for making me/us all laugh! We can all be happy in the knowledge that there is quite a few of us out there....."This is the twilight zone".......! Hehehehehe xx I loved Mrs B's tale about the iron in the fridge! Oh and wow! This is what I call a hot pink! Love it Sue and the black/white and silver combo suits it wonderfully! Love the heart and as always the sentiment. It would be great for a teenager and upwards. Stunning! Just to say all the best Kimberley in the opening of a new craft shop that you have with your two friends. Good luck for all the Summer! Take care Sue, hope you're getting plenty of sunshine and if you are, could you please, please, bring us some back?! xx Love Karen xx

nikkib said...

Maybe I should look in my make up bag for my atomiser which I cannot find, I searched high and low yesterday and still cant find it..... we must all have these 'safe places'''''..... what a lovely bright card for a very dreary day here in Kent.....

CraftyJo said...

Your story made me smile :) Cute card too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - I love this vibrant pink with the black and the mystery of the lost die. So pleased you found it in time!
Val C xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Lovely card, Love the bright Pink.
Sue it warms my heart to know I am not the only one who puts things down then can't find them - at this moment I can not find my masking tape - it was in the correct place before lunch........... and no one else has been in my craft room !!!
Best wishes Brenda Lel

Brakkers said...

Wonderful contrasting black and hot pink! Love it! Perfect for any anniversary or special birthday. Lots of my friends would love this pairing of colours. I still haven't found some of the things that I have lost so at least you found yours!

Anne from Leighton Buzzard

Anonymous said...

Hi sue. Oh how i laughed at your comments about the lost die and also mrs b with iron in the fridge we all have moments don.t we ha ha. Sending good luck to kimberley and friends with the shop, and by the way sue i like todays card. Enjoy the wkend ladies. Sending love from christine c xx

Marion Turner said...

Hi Sue
Love the card! and yes I too lost a die looked everywhere even places I knew it would not be then hours later found it.
Love Marion x

Unknown said...

Hi sue. Love this card I've just got these dies needed for it last week an my hubby loves it so off I go to re create this amazing card

Love Tracy from killie

Laura O said...

a the colours used.Laura O

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Super card today love the colour combination and don't worry we all have senior moments!!!
Best wishes, Pat

Wacki Macky said...

Wow, fantastic colours Sue, another great card.

Still looking for things I've put away safe!!

Craftyhappiness to you, love from Pearl

Unknown said...

Hi Sue, As you can see by the comments you are not on your own. you must have been very frustrated though as you were getting ready for the show's. Hope you can look back on it and see the funny side. Mrs B's comment did make me laugh.
Your card today is gorgeous, Love the pink, and the locket. Hope you have had a great day.

Happy crafting
Chrissie x x x

weefortune said...

Love the Pink & Black Sue,

Elaine xx

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Lovely card, very bright pink, i aslso thought that the black and white part looked like a tuxedo.
Margaret L

Snuffy Snoo said...

Hi Sue, this is one of my absolute favourites!!!! They are 3 of my favourite colours used together!! Totally gorgeous!! Love Sam xxx

Janice K said...

Loving the colours used in this card, the flowers are a great way to use up our scraps and create a very effective embellishment. x

Avalonia said...

Oh WOW your cards are absolutly pretty - I LOVE the colors and the "doily" style ;) ... I'll follow you now! Love, Avalonia

Shirley T. said...

Hi Sue,

"Hot" or what? Lovely card and great write up.

Good luck to Kimberley.

Much love,

Shirley T. xxx

Unknown said...

Evening Sue, Really loving this card I don't think you are the only one to put things down and then unable to find them. I can certainly relate to that!
Have a lovely weekend.
Hugs Jenny

Linda Simpson said...

Fabulous Sue, I have often done things that too!!! I love the colour combination and the d-lites are my favourites.

Linda xxx

Katie-Louise Sweetlove said...

Dear Sue
This is a great card it reminds me of a tuxedo and I think it would be perfect for a prom celebration card.
It's a fabulous effect of the pink watermarked card with the black card frame with the heart cut out of it, the love locket finishes the card wonderfully.

I'm so glad you eventually found the dies, I'm always putting things down and losing them for hours then finding them its really stressful so I hope you had a restorative cup of tea or coffee to relax once you found it.

Great card today, thank you for your inspiration and hard crafting ( and stress) making these cards.

Best wishes from Katie-Louise

Uta said...

Your card is so pretty.
Hugs, Uta

Trish said...

Hi Sue,
Fab colour combination and terrific card. TFS
Trish x

Unknown said...

Hi Sue, Like all the other ladies I too have mislaid or put things in the wrong place very frustrating!!
Great card like the hot pink but find it difficult colour to use , think its more of a younger persons colour but will try the design in other colour ways .
Happy Mother's Day to your mum for tomorrow x
jean D

Anonymous said...

Pink and black so stunning together and love the lock and key die cut!
Pearl x

Natasha said...

Love this card Sue, simply stunning and the colour combo is very sassy, another wonderful creation. I think we all have those moments when we've misplaced something that we're using and feel like a prat when we find it in the daftest of places, at least we can chuckle about it later. Hugs xNx

AnneRD said...

No pressure with this one then Sue!
Great colours, a card that would be so suitable for St Valentines Day.
Anne x

carol edwards said...

Hi Sue i can so relate to putting things in wrong place, or safe places, Like the colour combi and I love the heart and key

Meg Owen said...

Great young person card. I have the dies and love them all.

Margaret O

Cassieajh said...

A stunning card Sue I agree with Pam that the Black & white looks like a Tux & I think the love locket die is one of the best in this latest set of D-Lite dies.
Hugs Allison xx

iggy said...

OH I really dont know about this one sue..........loved hearing the story though

Rach83 said...

Totally in love with this card, Sue. You've actually used my favourite colour combo (and the colours of my living room)!

The die cuts are exquisite and I love the design.

Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

Rachel x

Beverley Boo said...

This is just my cup of tea! And looks achievable for the novice that I am, thanks.

hazel said...

Beautiful card Sue would make a beautiful valentine, Wedding card .
I think we have all done that at some time in our lives misplaced something and found it in a weird place. I have even found things in my Fridge that should not be there
Take care
Hazel G

mell said...

Love this xxx

Vie Carter said...

Oh what a sad tale Sue, welcome to my world - my husband goes upstairs and shouts down to me - Vie what have I come up here for?

How very sad!

Lovely hot pink card today


christine linnett said...

Beautiful Card - just catching up after my internet has been down for 6 whole days !!!

cmu said...

You deserve to be chuffed - it's a great card and the pink works really well.

Deborah said...

Hi Sue...Yes this card reminds me of a tuxedo too! could almost be a Wedding or Engagement Invite...or Congratulations on Graduating!!

I love the bright pink and black and white.

Great card!! In fact all the cards this week have been fab!

Have a great day! Deborah.H :)